#SPIRIT: Melissa Moorer Nobles Encourages You To … Begin

What drives you? Prayer takes me to that peaceful poetic place within.  When you need support to get it in gear, shifts gears or just find direction “Prayer Works.” We’re at the beginning of February and a few of you have probably kicked your resolutions to the curb by now. 🙂  I invite you to simply…”begin.”
I Begin

Today I Begin with a renewed connection with the Creative Source of All in All.

I Begin withIn where the Source of everything dwells.

I Begin knowing that the past is not my precedence.

I Begin with unwavering faith that synchronicity is working on my behalf.

I Begin in the realization that where my attention goes the energy flows.

I Begin transforming lack and limitations of any kind into all
possibilities or something even better.

I Begin in the resolution of the power of setting positive intentions for my life & being-in-action.
I Begin with “right” thinking with the awareness that resistance to anything new is normal.

I Begin partnering with persistence by taking “right” action one baby step
at a time.

I Begin regardless of the appearance armed with a statement of what is the
Truth for me.

I Begin in spite of the world’s story and guard my own consciousness to the
deeper story.

I Begin

Affirmation: Today, I focus on what I can do and that is where I begin.

Melissa sees herself as a Spiritual Interior Designer using coaching, affirmative prayer & feng shui principles as her design tools. Through her company InJoy~OutJoy she supports people in creating their lives from “with-in” by living-In-life-Out-of-Joy. (injoyoutjoy.com)
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11 Responses to #SPIRIT: Melissa Moorer Nobles Encourages You To … Begin

  1. Heike says:

    Lovely! I Begin with remembering how much I appreciate you and your beautiful spirit within.

  2. Eridania says:


  3. Colette Foster-Franck says:

    Powerful. Yes!!!! I cannot wait to read your book!!!!!

  4. Athena says:

    Melissa, my sister in spirit…..always brings the Truth and the Light! Renewal….personal power…transformation.. positive intentions….thank you for always affirming and reminding us of who and whose we are who were are

  5. Deirdre Watley says:

    Melissa, Thank you and what a great start to my day!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I MISS you and yes, this is exactly what I needed, especially as “challenged” as I’m feeling today. Keep inspiring us!!
    Stephanie Archer

  7. Toronda says:

    Melissa, what a pleasure it is to know you! You are faithful, right thinking and powerful! I had the pleasure of hearing your poetic words and I look forward to seeing more of your works in print and know that others will truly benefit from your inspiration.

  8. Darryl Anthony says:

    How we begin our day is how we should end our day…with Love…imagine that…doing and practicing what we were designed to do…please keep Loving us with your words

  9. Inez Spence says:

    Right Time, Right Place, Right Season.

  10. Donna Martinez says:

    Hey Melissa,

    Beautiful and so Uplifting…your words are much needed for many. Thank you for keeping me reminded.

    Love you Cuz….

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