New Interracial Dating Show Challenges The Norm

Hosts: Christelyn Karazin and Jordan Harbinger

By Brittney M. Walker

I like my ice cream chocolate. My ideal man comes from a line of kings and queens hailing from Africa, rich in history, culture and Black heritage. His hair coils up like energy rods reaching up to the sun, the same sun that so blessed his skin. And on and on…

A lot of Black women dream of that man, her Black king to be her partner for life. But lately, a lot of brothers don’t seem to have the same vision, therefore leaving the ladies to try new things, like white boys.

New unscripted dating show, “Swirlr” executive produced by Shawn Miles takes interracial dating to a whole ‘nother level. Hosted by relationship experts Christelyn Karazin and Jordan Harbinger, the show challenges its multi-ethnic contestants and audience members to try a little vanilla, hazelnut, and coffee flavored ice cream.

Each episode is another gripping link in the tale of two single people trying a different color and culture on for size in hopes of finding true love.

Currently the show follows a mixed artist who’s used to dating the bad boy and a white guy who’s never been on a date with a Black woman. Both contestants are living in Los Angeles and want to get involved with the beautiful diversity of the dating scene. Audience members who are curious about sticking their toe out  or even staunch about staying within certain boundaries have the chance to kind of live vicariously through each new client, watching them interact on an intimate level with someone who is … other, while navigating her social, cultural and racial identity within the dating world.

The show is fun, exciting, challenging and explorative. ‘Swirlr’ might just be the conversation we’ve all be waiting for.

About Christelyn, a Black Woman Married to a White Man for 12 Years

Christelyn, co-author of “Swirling: How to Date, Mate And Relate – Mixing Race, Culture and Creed” and editor of was one of those girls who imagined herself marrying a tall, dark and handsome Black man, much like a father. Never in a million years did she think a farm-white suburban boy would be the man of her dreams.

“There is this glamorization of Black love,” Christelyn says. “It’s this sort of crown and glory for the Black woman to snatch this illusive Black man. But how empowering it is to have choices!”

For a long time, Christelyn primarily dated Black men, but ended up broken hearted and left to raise a child after a failed romantic relationship with a college boyfriend.

Broken, rejected and disappointed, she ventured out into the brand new world of online dating (at the time it was just a chat room and a screen name). She hadn’t given up hope on Black men, but wanted to open up herself to more choices.

She was called “BlackBeauty” because she wanted her online suitors to know her skin was ebony brown.

“Even though I was raised in a multi-racial area, I had this impression that white men didn’t date Black women seriously,” she said. “So [this white guy] clicked on my name because ‘Black Beauty’ was his favorite movie growing up. It wasn’t about color for him. He said, ‘She’s cute and I like talking to her.’ He was funny and made me laugh. So we decided to meet.”

After their first date at Red Lobster, the two became thick as thieves. They dated a while and eventually met each other’s families. She delved into his Beverly Hills lifestyle and he became entrenched in her Black suburban, fish fry culture.

Certain family members were doubtful their relationship would ever turn into something serious, saying, “He’s never going to marry you. You’re just a stint in his life. White men don’t marry Black women.”

Three years later, they exchanged vows and started their family together, celebrating their differences and embracing their similarities.

At the end of the day, it all boiled down to values and love, she says.

“Though me and my husband are two different colors, we share the same cultural values. We’re both American, family is very important to us. We had some reference where we could draw from.”

Without sugar coating anything, Christelyn admits they experienced some race related obstacles along with class differences. But there was nothing too big for their love.

Now, through her blog, book and the show, Christelyn is encouraging men and women to step out of their comfort zones to experience the 31 flavors of love.

“I think it’s exciting. It’s ok to be attracted to the differences that make you distinct,” she says. “It’s ok that a contrast of colors are sexy. The excitement comes from allowing yourself to try something new.”

Check out the show on New episodes premiere every other Wednesday.


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