Hair Pick: Creme of Nature with Argan Oil

creme of nature

Styling natural hair isn’t always the easiest task in a daily beauty routine. Creme of Nature is making it a little easier with a new line of hair care and styling products with natural ingredients. The Argan Oil line is great for natural hair and is a fabulous assist for those transitioning into the natural hair world.

Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil hair styling and hair care line includes Pudding Perfection, Twirling Custard, Butter-licious Curls, and Moisturizing Milk Masque. We tried them all and this is what we think.

Pudding Perfection – Great for twist outs, curly fros, or other overnight, wet setting styles, Pudding Perfection is light, smells great, works well, and holds the curl. No need for a dryer or extra work with this product. It holds in moisture and keeps down the frizz. It’s a great three-in-one hair partner, especially if you’re on the road.

Twirling Custard – Using those alcohol-heavy gels can seriously damage your hair, let alone flake throughout the day. Twirling Custard helps keep those fly-aways in order, and keeps the frizz from getting out of hand. It’s soft texture and light-weight make it easy to apply. The great thing is, you don’t need a lot to get the results you want. Preserving curls say from a few days old twist out is less hassle if Twirling Custard is applied. And it can be applied to damp or dry hair.

Milk MasqueButter-licious Curls – If you’re not a wash and go kind of girl or would rather style your hair dry, this is the product to use. We tried it after doing a twist out and saw the curls were preserved a little longer than usual. We also tried it on a dry-natural curly fro and noticed the curls stayed more defined throughout the day. There was more shine as well. The drawback, however was the texture of the hair wasn’t as soft and malleable as the hair is without product.

Moisturizing Milk Masque – This one is for the long haul. If you need to repair damaged hair, in the middle of transitioning, or need a really good reinforcing hair treatment product, this is the one for you. Though we’ll need to take the product on for a longer term, we can attest to the refreshed feeling after using the masque. It’s formulated to hydrate, restore and strengthen hair to prevent future damage. We all need a little protection from the elements.

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