GIRL TALK: Deshai Cole Gives Sex Tips


Ready to get intimate on Valentine’s Day? Well, if you want to make it really special, we’ve got a few ideas for you courtesy of Deshai Cole, a provocative, Atlanta-based radio show host. Cole has been helping women (and men) transform their sex lives from struggling to amazing so she might have just what you need to make this Valentine’s Day a day to remember.

A ‘sexpert’ and author of “30 Ways to Please Your Man,” Deshai loves sex and enjoys sharing tips with women about improving relationships and bringing a lot more spice to their sex lives.

“It’s crazy and sometimes my mom laughs at me but I love sex. I was intrigued by it and I wanted to know more about it. I became a certified sex and relationship coach,” she says.

Her crazy excitement about sexuality and relationships propelled her passion from helping friends to inspiring sexual revivals with men and women all over the country.

It’s a new year. Why not have the greatest sexual relationship with your partner as you can? Try some new things and get the results you’ve been working for.

The sexpert shares a few tips, which can also be found in her book, “30 Ways to Please Your Man.”

Fantasy in the Hat – Women talk about how it’s hard to get their men to open up about sex. They feel they’re supposed to be macho. This is a way to get him to open up without telling him how to do it or him thinking you’re bossing him around. You get to see the kinds of things he wants to try. Start off with five fantasies and you’ll both pick them out of the hat. This way you get to share together about what you want to do without it being awkward. You get to know what he really likes. It’s a game I like to play.

Cook for Him – Sometimes in relationships we get so comfortable, on both ends. As women, sometimes we get comfortable and forget to cater. There’s nothing wrong with catering to a man who deserves it. Cook for him and let him know you appreciate him.

Compliment Him – I think sometimes women forget. It’s important to let him know he looks good. Tell him you’re proud of him and encourage him. It goes a long way. That’s one of my favorite ones.

Check out the Deshai Cole show every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST at Also, follow Deshai @deshaicole on Twitter.


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