Ford Supports Warriors in Pink in New Orleans #nolacrawl


Ford and Essence Festival are anniversary twins!

This year, the Essence Festival, which is held every Fourth of July weekend in New Orleans, turned 20! And Ford was celebrating the big 2-0 as well, but in a different way.

Ford created the Warriors In Pink program 20 years ago to promote awareness of breast cancer as well as to raise funds for research and education. “We are not breast cancer experts, but we can help,” reads a quote from the Warriors In Pink website.

And help they do. Not only has Ford supported the organization by donating more than $115 million, Ford also helps the fight against breast cancer by selling apparel and accessories like cosmetics bags. 100% of the proceeds from these items are donated to the cause and customers buying Warriors In Pink merchandise can even designate which of the four supported nonprofits will receive their donation:

  • Susan G. Komen has funded more than $800 million in research and provided $1.7 billion in funding to screening, education, treatment and psychosocial support programs.
  • Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s mission is to find the causes and prevention of breast cancer.
  • The Pink Fund provides non-medical financial aid to cover basic cost of living expenses, such as health insurance, housing, car payments and utilities for cancer patients.
  • Young Survival Coalition provides free resources and programs to support, educate and empower younger women with breast cancer.

For the 20th anniversary of this partnership, Ford celebrated in an innovative way. On Friday, July 4th, Ford hosted “Pink Friday” at the Essence Festival and, for each of the first 250 test drives, the company donated $20 to Warriors In Pink. This resulted in a one day contribution of $5,000!

Ford also gave away the 2014 Warriors in Pink bandana for free at the booth.

While collecting our free bandana we were fortunate enough to meet Michelle (pictured), a breast cancer survivor who shaved her thinning hair right before the Essence Festival.

She was there with her friends, who were wearing pink #TeamMichelle t-shirts in support of her personal struggles. She was in high spirits and said that the support she was getting from Ford and from the Essence Festival attendees was more than worth the trip.

Shout out to Ford for making moments like this possible.


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awareness that leads to proactive self-care and raising funds to support research and education. – See more at:
awareness that leads to proactive self-care and raising funds to support research and education. – See more at: Essence Festival was the this past fourth of July weekend in New Orleans,
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