Energy Candy for the Slashers

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This is the generation of “slasher” – writer slash actor slash bartender slash sign language interpreter. You know the kind. With all the hats people juggle, sleep deprivation is plentiful and energy is on the fritz.

While the only real answer to droopy eyes and failing cognition is to drop everything and go to sleep, sometimes we need a little boost to carry us through until a nap makes itself available.

Energems, a new energy supplement, is a powerful way to get that extra boost of long lasting energy without gagging down one of those neon colored drinks.

They’re oversized milk chocolate M&M looking energy candies loaded with tons of B-vitamins and caffeine. One serving contains the same amount of caffeine in a cup of strong coffee.

We tried it and liked it. Within an hour of taking just one candy (Energems recommends consuming three candies for moderate energy) we experienced a difference and didn’t have to deal with a deflating energy crash.

The product was created for people who aren’t coffee drinkers, those that need a faster boost than the slow reaction of a cup of coffee or tea, or for someone who can’t get with the energy drinks currently on shelves. Energems are nice alternatives.

Of course every energy supplement comes with its set of warnings and all of that fun stuff. Energems are cute and easy to pop into your mouth but, “limiting caffeine intake is extremely important to prevent nervousness, sleeplessness and possible rapid heartbeat,” the label warns.

Energy supplements should be taken with caution. Many dieticians and nutritionists recommend eating healthier foods, taking vitamin supplements, sleep, and exercise to maintain health.

Retailing at $2.99 a box, Energems are sold at many convenient stores and will provide 3 servings of moderate energy or one serving for a maximum energy rush!

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Packages - 3

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