6 Reasons A Sophisticated Girl Will Love The Kia K900


By Brittney M. Walker

Kia has officially stepped up their game in the luxury car category. This Korean car company is now playing with the big dogs and offering consumers a bit of the flossy life.

The latest addition to their fleet is the 2015 Kia K900. It’s a sleek, luxurious head-turner, designed to compete with the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Yeah, Kia has really grown up. I was super excited to check out this car because it’s the first 100% luxury offering from Kia.

From the leather interior to the panoramic sunroof, the K900 makes it easy for a sophisticated, professional woman to ride in comfort and in style. Someone said it looks like my personal Being Mary Jane car because it’s so fly. Watch out, Gabrielle Union!

These were a few of my favorite features:

1. Panoramic sunroof – Kia seems to be extending the extra large sunroof theme throughout its whole fleet of vehicles, and I love it, especially being a California girl. I love the sunshine and I love the wind. The K900’s panoramic sunroof reaches from the front seats to the rear seats, so everyone riding in the car can enjoy it. It’s especially perfect for those miserable moments in traffic when the only bit of paradise is the open sky above.

2. Luxury seats – These babies are comfy. It’s a given that the driver’s seat has to be the most plush part of any car, tricked out with all the gadgets. But in this car, everyone gets to ride in like a Queen Bee in her own “eco-system.” Both front and rear passenger seats are equipped with power controls and even heated/cooled seats to create the ultimate driving and riding experience. I only discovered these rear seat luxuries because I had to show off the ride to my homegirls and when they jumped in the back, they said loved being chauffeured in the K900.

3. Smooth, fast, safe ride – Every girl needs a little speed in her life. The K900 isn’t a luxury car simply because it looks good. It’s smooth, fast and maneuvers well. Luxe cars are made to be driven slowly, to give everyone else something beautiful to look at. But for those moments when a girl’s gotta make it to that appointment on time (or show the boys you can beat them off the line), the K900 picks up speed quickly and hugs the road like your favorite “Freakum Dress.” Because the car is well-built, handling curves is no problem, making everyone feel safe and secure.

4. Curb Appeal is on Point – When I hit the streets in this car, other drivers and passersbys did a double take. At first they thought it was a Jaguar. Then they’d take another look and see “KIA” on the hood. I spoke to a couple of people who were impressed by the look. They all mentioned the front grill, saying they thought the car was a different luxury brand. I also overheard a group of guys drooling over “my” K900 saying, “Did you see that grill? That’s a Kia!” Yup. Kia’s fancy now.

5. Tech-wise – These days, most cars have navigation and you definitely can’t have a luxury vehicle without it. The K900 has a great navi system that’s accurate and easy to use. A fun feature called the heads-up display, projects your next turn onto the windshield, helping you keep your eyes on the road. By the way, I loved the speed limit display on the navigation screen, which helped me keep my lead foot in check. 🙂 Also, there’s a bunch of fun features like Sirius-XM radio, several USB ports, Bluetooth-enabled hands-free calling, camera park assist (the camera shows not only a rear view but also a front and aerial view), and blind spot notification. This car almost drives itself.

6. Price Tag You can get all of this luxury and style for just under $60K, beating out some of the other vehicles in its class. It starts at $59.5K and gets an average of 18 combined mpg.

Overall, I loved this car. I’ve been inside quite a few luxury brands, and had the privilege of driving some of them, but this car definitely impressed me. I’ve placed the K900 in my top five luxury cars. To be honest, it might be my number 2!



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